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Court of the Crimson King

January 17, 2009

In four days America will inaugurate a new president. It will not be a new Camelot. It will be the Court of the Crimson King – a fantasy world of suspended reality and revisionist campaign rhetoric combined with all the very real concentrated ill-gotten power of the democratically elected head of a very well-armed yet bankrupt nuclear state. And no it’s not the new season of 24.

It could be worse; I could live in California. I don’t know which is worse, a pink slip or an IOU. I can’t imagine – no wait, yes I can. Wait until the Governators residuals start turning up as IOUs instead of checks. Ohooo man. Hello.

These are tough times with tough questions and no easy answers. Tough titty. Walk it off.

I catch myself sitting slack-jawed in disbelief at the madness that passes for first world civilized behavior and national governance in America. And that’s just in the airport. So I seldom watch the news or fly and would never do both at the same time. I haven’t read a newspaper in forever and judging from the number of papers folding (insert pause for the slower readers), I am not alone. Nor have I missed much. SSDD. Yawn.

Still I am optimistic, otherwise I never would have renewed my gun range membership if I thought for a minute we didn’t have a least a good year or so before all hell breaks loose when the Senate has to seat Norm Coleman. And God forbid a Smurf or one the Blue Man Group or a democrat try a little B&E at our place.

I have often wondered if we shouldn’t have websites like they have for registered sex offenders, but for hedge fund managers, CEOs and Board of Directors of companies that take bailout funds and other nefarious Wall Street types. Registered Ponzi Scheme offenders or something. Bar them from voting, running for public office, being lobbyists or living near banks or schools.

In the meantime, I’m planning this years garden, stocking up on a few things and dreading the day “tactical” becomes the new black.

What’s a citizen to do?

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