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Peak Big Government?

August 22, 2009

In this lucid post from Asia Times online, the author hits the nail square:

The public, who feel the vicious bite of “real” 20% unemployment (rather than the official rate of 9.8%), are becoming increasing distrustful of big government and deeply resentful of its increasing grasp of their lives. The cracks are beginning to show.

Finally. Then there is this:

At their core, Americans hold individual freedom and self-reliance dear. Therefore, by nature, they are not socialists and resent big government. To them, the actions of the administration, supported by a compliant Congress, are clear: use massive amounts of public funds to support the financial elite, maintain massive entitlement spending to secure votes, and extend the grasp of big government through healthcare and other measures. Their anger is justified.

But will that anger really turn to action? Or is it perhaps just wishful thinking on the part of the author? Americans may hold individual freedom and self-reliance dear, but what exactly does individual freedom and self-reliance mean today? How many Americans realize  and understand the responsiblility and inconvenience  that genuine freedom and self-reliance demand?

Edited for additional content – Cecil

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