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How tired are Americans?

March 25, 2010

Good ol’ Fred. This latest post lays out what a lot of folks are thinking.

How tired are Americans of a dysfunctional, oppressive Washington, unconcerned for its citizens, unaccountable and tending fast toward the totalitarian, that sprawls across the continent like an armed leech of malign intent? That is the question. The first time a populous states says “No,” if such a state ever does, we will get the answer. The United States has been free, prosperous, and reasonably well governed for a long time. It no longer is. Things go downward, within and without.

I agree that history has been made this past week, but not for the reasons Pravda er, USA Today would have you believe. It was made because the healthcare reform legislation just signed into law has very little to do with healthcare or reform – it has everything to do with politics and payback. And at a time when this country is absolutely bankrupt in virtually every conceivable context.

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