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From Russia, with love

March 30, 2010

This post over on Club Orlov is worth a read. An excerpt:

[L]ook at how intoxicating the spirit of liberty can be! But now I understand that this is a catastrophe, that American society is brainwashed and alienated in the extreme, and that all that’s left for Americans to do is to play each other for the suckers that they have become.

Perhaps the author is a bit fatalistic, being in the former Soviet Union when it collapsed, but not lacking in truth or insight to our own current predicament.

Still, I can’t help but wonder to myself if we aren’t in a similar set of circumstances that led to the creation of this country in the first place. This time instead of a king, more of a cabal masquerading as global corporate interests (with US personhood mind you) to serf us all. I know, it all sounds so tin-foil hatish – sooo conspiracy theory. Still, if we are at a similar moment in history, we’ll need to do better this time around, not only in the collective efforts to make this a better country and society, but individually. Looking around, it seems we’d have better luck taking up alchemy.

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