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Deutschland über alles?

May 9, 2010


From GG:

“We now see … wolfpack behaviours, and if we will not stop these packs, even if it is self-inflicted weakness, they will tear the weaker countries apart
Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg (at the EU Summit).

I do not think for a moment that the use of the word “wolfpack” is anything less than intentional and potentially inflammatory. And this as well from Mish.

Consider this from Stoneleigh and this:

Germany should then indeed take over Europe, Chancellor Angela Merkel – and it should do it fast. This might be starting, as on May 1, Merkel said Germany was pushing for changes to the rules governing the eurozone, including the possibility of suspending voting rights for nations that do not uphold their commitments.

That might be a bit difficult given the election results in Germany and Merkels coalition losing its majority.

E-ticket ride indeed. Bullets, bullion and beans, bitches.

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