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Happy Days

May 28, 2010

As the dominant theme of “drill baby drill” shifts from oil and returns to the keister of the U.S. taxpayer, it most certainly should have occurred to just about everyone in the U.S. (or UPL) by now that our happy motoring days are numbered. Of all the symbols of happy motoring Americana like Route 66, convertibles, pickup trucks, muscle cars, billboards, burger stands and car hops, drive-in churches and movies, drive-thru banking, liquor stores, restaurants and wedding chapels, the one in my mind that will stick with us post peak oil is a simple phrase.

This simple phrase could be taken as either well wishes, a World Made by Hand equivalent of “live well and prosper” evoking the myth of the cheap and abundant energy of the roaring 20th century or as a curse, “a pox on you and yours” or “eat shit and die”.

The phrase?  “Please drive through.”

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