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False-flag Political Football

June 3, 2010

Oh this is just too rich and makes for an interesting diversion from the suicide-by-IDF on the high sea diversion story sucking up all the bandwidth and attention to the biblical-scale disaster in the Gulf of Mexico . Over at Asia Times Online, Kim Myong Chol (and according to ATO, an “unofficial” spokesman of Kim Jong-il and North Korea) writes that the sinking of the South Korean Cheonan was a US false flag operation to increase tensions and was, according to a report quoted in the ATO article, to “apply pressure on Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to reverse course on moving the US Marine Corps base off Okinawa”. I am shocked.

Then there is this gem:

The Los Angeles Times reported from Seoul May 28 on the South Korean public skepticism to the May 20 final forensic report on the sinking of the corvette: Younger South Koreans “see the Cheonan incident in less threatening terms. They contend that for all its bluster, North Korea is not an existential threat to their country. And they are suspicious of the motives of a conservative government they regard as descendants of the military regimes that ruled South Korea before it became a democracy in the 1980s.”

“The government is lying,” a 17-year-old high school student, Kim Da-yeon told the newspaper, wearing a Beatles T-shirt over her plaid school uniform, as her friends nodded with enthusiasm.

“The girls had stumbled on the demonstration in front of City Hall on a day off from school and picked Korean flags, but they said in unison that they didn’t agree with the anti-North Korean sentiment. “The North Koreans are our friends, our family,” they said, according to the newspaper report. “We don’t want to fight them.”

“The government is lying.” Again, I am shocked. There is no news anymore people. It is propaganda. More importantly, we have devolved to choices of the lesser of a list of self-destructive evils with the differences between them no more than a few degrees. I don’t know who is right or wrong in all this, but any scenario is plausible and to me, that is the heart of the matter – the “crux of the biscuit” as it were.

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