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One, two, three strikes you’re out

June 19, 2010

Arthur Silber doesn’t pull any punches (does he ever?) in his post And the Gods Laughed.

Obama and the ruling class now can barely stir themselves even to offer a convincing appearance of genuine concern for the huddled, oil-slicked masses. And honestly, why should they? Whatcha gonna do, baby? Most Americans sleepwalk through their days. To the extent they’re awake, more and more they struggle merely for survival. That doesn’t leave time for other activities. One notable exception to this somnolence can and will be made operational from time to time: many Americans will enthusiastically support another campaign of destruction against largely defenseless, usually much poorer (and usually darker-skinned) “Others,” especially when they’re five or eight thousand miles away (unless they’re threatening the inviolable sanctity of our “borders” here at home). The ruling class, with the indispensable assistance of the media, including many blogs (both left and right), need only convince Americans of the “seriousness” of the danger those “Others” represent, and the next chapter in the neverending war will commence in earnest. Iran in particular is endlessly useful in this connection.

Should you succumb to despair? Hell, no, baby. Drop out to the extent you can. Build a radically different kind of life. Construct your own happiness.

And emulate the gods: laugh at the goddamned motherfuckers.


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