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The Problem and Fundamental Issue

June 21, 2010

Jesse over at Café Américain, in his post US Ceding Parts of Arizona to Criminal Activity, As It Has Been Doing in the Financial Markets hits the nail square when he writes (emphasis mine):

This is not a problem of Republicans versus the Democrats. It is the age old problem of the avarice of an oligarchy of the self-proclaimed elites against the rights of the private individual, and the common people.

And in the next to last paragraph, this (emphasis mine):

It is not a question of financial stimulus or fiscal austerity, which are a meaningless debate intended to distract attention from the much more serious problem. The fundamental issue is the enforcement of the laws, the administration of justice, the upholding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the reform of the financial markets and the economy. All things, all policies, are turned to foul ends while the system is driven by a fundamental corruption.

The question only remains as to what any of us are going to do about it.

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