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Truth & Consequences

August 17, 2010

Stop and consider Bill Gates and the other colorless puds of today. Almost makes you miss the robber barons.

Laughed out loud over that one. Classic Joe  Bageant. You can read the whole thing here.

Been traipsing around fly-over country the past week or so, some business, some not. Not sure but what most aren’t putting up a front – not denial really, but just not ready to put both hands on the truth, afraid to be Reality Mary. Then there are those who can’t tell you the day of the week, the year or if the sun was up.

There is this from Zero Hedge, this from The Automatic Earth, this from Jesse’s Cafe Americain. Some snippets:

Zero Hedge: If only the average man was not so easily deterred by WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Distraction). The Elites will likely ignite some wars, tempt us into in-fighting, and fabricate enemies like Al Qaeda out of the ether. As the slogan goes, “Order Out Of Chaos”. Whatever happens, our eyes must remain fixed on the root of the problem; the bankers, and nothing else.

The Automatic Earth: At the moment, the money supply is shrinking because people are behaving perfectly sensibly. They see what is going on with the rising unemployment rate, the falling housing prices, the unstable stock market, the inability of the government to fix it, and the bad economic news that comes out on the TV, the radio, the internet, and in print.

Jesse’s Cafe Americain: The sad truth, America, is that you were sold out by your own people for their own personal gain. And the crony capitalists and oligarchs are still leading you around by the nose, and telling you what to think, which is whatever is good for them. And this goes double for the UK.

If only, the sad truth and behaving sensibly.

Stay focused. Do not get caught unaware – shit can and will turn on a dime.

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  1. Donovan permalink
    September 15, 2010 00:30

    “shit can and will turn on a dime.”

    Will I get change?

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