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The Tucson Takeaway

January 21, 2011

I got a call from a reader in Texas a few days after the Tucson Incident. Their Tucson Takeaway – 9mm is too light a caliber.

Arizona doesn’t have a gun problem, (it is legal to carry open or concealed with a conceal carry license) but it has and has had for many years a public mental health policy problem. Aside from the obvious that the most recent high profile incident was committed by a whack job (who had yet to be adjudicated as such and thereby disqualifying him for a CCL and possibly even gun ownership) , consider this – how crazy is it for several million people to NOT see a problem living in the middle of a desert with water piped in from half away across the state? And they have a nuclear power plant, which, if I recall, requires WATER to cool.

To paraphrase a line from Sam Kinison “You’re in the middle of a fucking desert! Move to where the water is!”

The thing that REALLY pisses off certain segments of the population is that the Tucson Incident can’t be pinned on the Tea Party – but not for lack of trying.  And WTF is up calling it a massacre? That’s political bullshit – My Lai was a massacre, Srebrenica was a massacre, Little Big Horn was a massacre. What’s next – Godwin’s law of massacre?

Paul Krugman is a fucking bigot and a shameless partisan hack. You can forgive the local sheriff in Tuscon for being a shameless partisan hack – he has to run for election, but not Krugman, unless he is on the ballot for another Nobel. Wanker. The spin on the Tuscon story is disgusting, shameless and a disgrace. Gives a whole new meaning to “freedom of the press”.

Here’s another takeaway. Don’t try to off members of Congress or the Senate. Not only does it not solve anything, but they have far better health care than you or I – in fact some of the best this country has to offer. And guess who pays for it? That’s right, the taxpayer. Not only that, but think of all the tax dollars being burned investigating every perceived slight cum threat.  We’ve got enough problems with all the government sanctioned (nudge, wink) financial raping and pillaging  by the unelected officials of the privately owned central bank without having to worry about our respective elected representatives in Washington D.C. getting butt hurt, wedgies or bunched panties over our being inarticulate, less than “civil” or exhibiting a general lack of fawning whilst exercising our (still) constitutional right to free speech, assembly and redress of grievances.   No, just vote the putz out.

Got a Tuscon Takeaway? Let’s hear it. Besides, I’m not a journalist, an attorney nor do I have a PhD in Economics. WTFDIK?

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