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Make Like An Egyptian

April 13, 2011

Serious question for my fellow Americans. What would it take for you – yes YOU – to make like an Egyptian (or Tunisian, Bahraini, Libyan et al) and risk your life to change your country? Never mind which side of any perceived ideological, philosophical, political or theological fence you may fancy yourself or whether or not you’re for big, little or no government or more, less or no taxes/empire/social programs.

What DOES matter is at what point do the terms and conditions under which you and yours live become intolerable enough for you to seek redress through open revolt? Do you have a checklist of freedoms which you deem absolutely inviolate? Upon what principles will you take a stand? Where is your line in the sand? The answer to like questions started this country and how honestly you answer, assuming you have the mettle to ask, may well determine its future.

Veterans Exempt Flag, War of 1812

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