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Feel the need to communicate – uncle underscore remus at opsimx dot com.

From fly-over country where a grain elevator is likely the tallest structure in town and things are never as simple as they may appear. “Stranger in a strange land” has a particular resonance.

The bottleneck is the place where the rapidly increasing human population meets the seemingly inevitable unavailability of any number of the rapidly depleting life-sustaining (life as we know it now) resources – water, clean air, arable land and oil. In short, unsustainable – we’ve about maxed out the petri dish named Earth.

Frank Zappa (FZ) has an interpretive influence on this blog. FZ was intelligent, outspoken, a talented gifted musician and composer and by many accounts, uncompromising in his pursuit of excellence – he put on one hell of a show. FZ was also a great observer and commenter on society – blunt, outrageous and seldom suitable for play on the air. Understandably, FZ was also a very public defender of free speech, not so much for his blunt and offensive language but for ideas.

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