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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

June 29, 2011

Yeah yeah, I know, long time no post. There’s a lot going on in the world with a tremendous amount of well-written commentary to be had exclusive of my amateurish efforts. I have also been extremely busy with business and preparations – the former greatly facilitates the latter.

Weather around Camp Remus has been unusual and prone to extreme – in particular the heat. The heat has played havoc with gardening and some of the violent storms have toasted more than a few pieces of electronic equipment.

The global economic situation continues to deteriorate, the gutting of sovereign treasuries continues unabated and future generations continue to be sold into financial slavery. And what will become of America? We are no longer the land of the free, we’ve become the land of debt slaves. We are no longer the home of the brave, but rather the home of can-kickers and boot-lickers; feverishly snorting line after line of stepped-on debt-laced Hopium. Fucking pathetic.

FEAR. UNCERTAINTY. DOUBT. (F.U.D.) These are the WMD being wielded against us. Even in the flushest of times, the future is never guaranteed. If you succumb to the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of the future and doubt your own resourcefulness and resolve, well, your future probably won’t change for the better.

Buckle up – the ride gets rougher. I gotta get back to work.

Make Like An Egyptian

April 13, 2011

Serious question for my fellow Americans. What would it take for you – yes YOU – to make like an Egyptian (or Tunisian, Bahraini, Libyan et al) and risk your life to change your country? Never mind which side of any perceived ideological, philosophical, political or theological fence you may fancy yourself or whether or not you’re for big, little or no government or more, less or no taxes/empire/social programs.

What DOES matter is at what point do the terms and conditions under which you and yours live become intolerable enough for you to seek redress through open revolt? Do you have a checklist of freedoms which you deem absolutely inviolate? Upon what principles will you take a stand? Where is your line in the sand? The answer to like questions started this country and how honestly you answer, assuming you have the mettle to ask, may well determine its future.

Veterans Exempt Flag, War of 1812

Which Way Is Mecca?

March 6, 2011

Do you know which way is Mecca? As the holiest place to one-fifth of the worlds population located in a country with roughly the same percentage of “proven” oil reserves ruled by a  monarchy with almost absolute power propped up by the US government and quite possibly the next Middle East domino to fall, you should. Saudi oil fields are in areas with a significant but minority Arab Shia population in a country that is predominately  Sunni, albeit Wahhabi (like the Taliban except they have money & oil). Bahrain, the island kingdom off the east coast of Saudi Arabia has a majority Arab Shia population. Libya is predominantly Sunni, as is Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Djibouti. Iraq is predominantly Arab Shia. Iran is Persian Shia. All of these countries have become, shall we say, unsettled, recently.

Ka'aba in Mecca

The unrest in the Middle East is not about islamists trying to take power, but a cycle of abusive Imperial power coming to an end. Saudi Arabia is a particularly sticky situation in that at about a million barrels a day (out of  a rather nasty twenty million barrel a day habit) it is the number three source of US oil imports, behind Canada and Mexico. It is not a democracy or a paragon of civil liberties, which combined with our oil dependency, puts the US in a tight spot, or it should.

I suspect, but have no proof, that the full US aided and abetted ruthlessness of the House of Saud will be brought to bear (remember they have Religious Police) if it looks for a moment that an uprising or a revolution might bring it down. If that were to fail to quell an uprising, then the specter of US military intervention and possibly US troops on Saudi Arabian soil again looms large. That didn’t work out well for us the last time. Some Saudis (if you believe the official narrative) expressed their displeasure rather violently in New York and we wound up with two wars, the Patriot Act et al, Sarah Palin, champion poodles, a whole lot more animosity towards the US in the Middle East and, by some accounts, an Indonesian madrassa educated Kenyan Muslim in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Imagine US combat troops (infidel crusaders, if you will) in full battle regalia, stomping around in Riyadh or the oil fields in support of the House of Saud. How that gets spun as anything but about the oil I haven’t a clue, but spun it will be. I am sure my proselytizing neighbors here in Redstateistan find the prospect of armed missionaries witnessing at will and finally getting a Christian church built in Mecca to be the answer to their heathen salvation wet-dreams, but I am guessing even hardcore Neocons realize that US military intervention in Saudi Arabia has the potential to be a clusterfuck on a, ahem, biblical scale.

Should the idiots in the Pentagram-on-the-Potomac decide that this time it is different, the geography of Saudi Arabia presents every opportunity for redemption. Riyadh, the bulk of the oil fields and the troublesome rabble are in the eastern provinces whereas Mecca and the number two Islamic holy spot Medina are in the western provinces, albeit easily accessible from the Red Sea. But whatever they decide to do, the first rule of engagement should be, in bold letters and in the current military parlance, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MECCA.

Just my two pre-1982 cents.


March 5, 2011

Static. Nuttin’ but static.

Is The Al Jazeera English Website Being Blocked In The US?

February 3, 2011

UPDATE (Feb 3, 2011): As of about 1430 UTC, Al Jazeera English is loading from a US IP.


I am seeing reports on the Google Realtime feed and some blogs that the Al Jazeera English website itself is not accessible in the US and perhaps Canada. I can confirm that if I use a US IP address, I cannot load the website. Using a European IP, I get it fine. Hmmmm.

There is still the Youtube feed (scroll down the page a bit for the live feed) as well as others I’ll try to post later.

The Tucson Takeaway

January 21, 2011

I got a call from a reader in Texas a few days after the Tucson Incident. Their Tucson Takeaway – 9mm is too light a caliber.

Arizona doesn’t have a gun problem, (it is legal to carry open or concealed with a conceal carry license) but it has and has had for many years a public mental health policy problem. Aside from the obvious that the most recent high profile incident was committed by a whack job (who had yet to be adjudicated as such and thereby disqualifying him for a CCL and possibly even gun ownership) , consider this – how crazy is it for several million people to NOT see a problem living in the middle of a desert with water piped in from half away across the state? And they have a nuclear power plant, which, if I recall, requires WATER to cool.

To paraphrase a line from Sam Kinison “You’re in the middle of a fucking desert! Move to where the water is!”

The thing that REALLY pisses off certain segments of the population is that the Tucson Incident can’t be pinned on the Tea Party – but not for lack of trying.  And WTF is up calling it a massacre? That’s political bullshit – My Lai was a massacre, Srebrenica was a massacre, Little Big Horn was a massacre. What’s next – Godwin’s law of massacre?

Paul Krugman is a fucking bigot and a shameless partisan hack. You can forgive the local sheriff in Tuscon for being a shameless partisan hack – he has to run for election, but not Krugman, unless he is on the ballot for another Nobel. Wanker. The spin on the Tuscon story is disgusting, shameless and a disgrace. Gives a whole new meaning to “freedom of the press”.

Here’s another takeaway. Don’t try to off members of Congress or the Senate. Not only does it not solve anything, but they have far better health care than you or I – in fact some of the best this country has to offer. And guess who pays for it? That’s right, the taxpayer. Not only that, but think of all the tax dollars being burned investigating every perceived slight cum threat.  We’ve got enough problems with all the government sanctioned (nudge, wink) financial raping and pillaging  by the unelected officials of the privately owned central bank without having to worry about our respective elected representatives in Washington D.C. getting butt hurt, wedgies or bunched panties over our being inarticulate, less than “civil” or exhibiting a general lack of fawning whilst exercising our (still) constitutional right to free speech, assembly and redress of grievances.   No, just vote the putz out.

Got a Tuscon Takeaway? Let’s hear it. Besides, I’m not a journalist, an attorney nor do I have a PhD in Economics. WTFDIK?

One if by land, two if by mind

January 6, 2011

So here we are – 2011. Was it good for you? I was asleep when it arrived here in flyover. It is more a nuisance – new files for the year, new laws to be unenforced and a nation deeper in debt than ever before. New faces in government and a looming come-to-Fiscal-Conservative-Jesus meeting. And we all know the politicians are still passing the plate to the lobbyists.

Personally, I am unimpressed. Some idiot opined in the WSJ  about how the Republicans will be setting the agenda for 2012. Fuck 2012. What about the here and now, you know, January 2011? How about NOT raising the debt limit? How about cutting spending, a whole lot of spending – let’s call it an even trillion for starters. But we know it isn’t going to happen. Read more…